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7mountains is a new venture for us.  Like most new businesses it has been a labor of love that took a little longer to get up and running than we expected.  In our experience most new businesses do.

The labor of love part comes from our personal experience with CBD oil.  Years of running a wholesale bakery takes a toll on your body.  The inevitable aches and pains that lasted a day or two when we got started over a decade ago would hang on much longer as we got older.  Eventually, the aches and pains began to define the days.

Enter CBD oil.  Like so many, a friend of ours suggested that we try CBD oil to get some relief.  We were skeptical at first but quickly realized that CBD oil was very effective.  IT WORKED!

As we looked around for good CBD oil products we found some.  But we also found a lot of confusing labels, dubious claims and, in the case of edibles, a lot of products we would never want to eat.

The idea of eating something with high fructose corn syrup, artificial flavors and artificial colors just to get the all natural CBD oil didn’t make much sense.

Most people use CBD oil because they are looking for a natural solution.  The range of conventional options are highly processed, pharmaceutical, ineffective, expensive or all four.  Many of us are already using one or more conventional options and don’t want to add another one.

Eureka!  We’ve run an all-natural, gluten free bakery for over a decade.  We make great tasting baked goods with simple, all natural ingredients.  Let’s make CBD edibles that are all natural and people can enjoy.

So here we are.  Opening our internet doors just in time for Black Friday.  We hope you find something you enjoy.  Like the products we’ve made at our bakery for over a decade, all of the products here are pure, all natural, gluten free and made from simple ingredients you probably already have in your own house.

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