Don’t Get Fooled Again!

Don’t get fooled by by labels. I said it before in an earlier post but after talking to several of our customers – and seeing some of the products they were buying – I wanted to cover this important topic again.



This is a screenshot of one of several similar items available on Amazon. There is no CBD in this product!  Notice how it makes use of many of the descriptions commonly found on CBD products such as:

  • Lab Tested
  • 1000 mg/bottle
  • Anti-Inflammatory
  • Anti-Anxiety
  • Hemp Extract

In my opinion, the overall intention of this label is to take advantage of similar CBD products through the use of these descriptions.  It’s twice the size and half the price of an equivalent product with CBD.  Both the vendor and of course Amazon, are deliberately misleading people with this product.

Amazon does not sell any CBD products at present.  It is against their seller’s policies.  This product, and many others like it, are available at Amazon and elsewhere but they don’t have CBD in them.  If you want to take hemp oil, these products are fine.  If you want to take CBD, these products are a rip-off.  Remember, it pays to read the label.  I know these labels can be confusing and I think that’s exactly what these manufacturers are banking on.