Why CBD Works in Skin Care Products

CBD skin care products are one of the fastest growing segments of the booming CBD market.  This takes many people by surprise since we’re so used to seeing people take CBD orally.  After all, the most common ways to take CBD are drops, edibles and vaping.  And all of these are oral.

So let’s look at the three simple facts that explain why CBD skin care is so effective and why it’s growing so fast.

500 mg cbd body lotion
500 mg CBD Body Lotion


First, inflammation is a major issue in dermatology.  Exposure to chemicals (such as soaps, dyes and frangrances), UV radiation or allergens can cause what is called acute inflammation.  This is inflammation that is usually short lived and doesn’t result in permanent skin damage.

Skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis are referred to as chronic and can result in lasting damage to your skin.  These conditions are a result of an inflammatory response by immune cells in the skin itself.  These and other chronic conditions effect approximately 35 million people in this country alone.  Chronic skin conditions are generally treated with steroids; something many people would rather not use.

Second, CBD is a great anti-inflammatory.  In fact, this is one of its most significant properties.  If I had to say that CBD does ONE thing, I would say that it promotes homeostasis in our bodies.  That is, it promotes balance.  Inflammation can be the result of many things but whenever your body is inflamed, you can bet that it’s out of balance.  Not that the inflammation is per se bad; it often means that your body is naturally fighting off something that doesn’t belong.  But you’re out of balance.

Third, our skin contains cannabinoid receptors.  These are the parts of our bodies’ endocannabinoid system which allow CBD to be “used”.  Research has shown that these cannabinoid receptors can be effective in treating dermatological diseases.

7 Mountains 750 mg organic CBD skin balm
750 mg CBD Balm

Finally, if you go to 7 Mountains, then our full spectrum CBD will be applied to your skin with either an all-natural, non-greasy lotion or an organic, long lasting balm!  Your skin will thank you for it.


There you have it.  A blue print for success!  Inflammation is the cause of many skin conditions.  CBD is great at fighting inflammation.  And our skin is full of CB receptors which put the CBD to good use.

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