CBD Can Reduce Pharmaceutical Use


A recent survey highlighted by Forbes showed that nearly half of people who use CBD reduce the number of pharmaceuticals they use.


Some off the cuff math:  About 131 million people take at least one prescription drug.  The average annual cost of a prescription drug is about $1,200.  That’s about $70 billion in lost sales.

More importantly, that’s about 59 million people who have reduced the number of prescription drugs they’re taking.  And isn’t that everyone’s goal?  To reduce the number of prescription medications they’re taking.

Of course, all the people taking prescription drugs haven’t tried CBD so these numbers are much higher than what’s actually going on in the marketplace.

I’m not crusading against all prescription drugs.  But Americans not only pay more for prescription drugs than anyone else, they also take more of them than anyone else.  And the numbers are pretty shocking for people over 65.  Of course, America and New Zealand are the only countries in the world that allow pharmaceutical companies to advertise.

CBD shouldn’t be viewed as a replacement for whatever prescription drug your taking.  On the other hand, it’s hard to argue with the fact that Americans are taking too many prescription drugs; and harder still to argue with the benefits so many people are realizing from CBD.