How Much CBD Should I Take? (briefly)

I wrote about this important topic once before in more detail.  Check out that post for the extra information contained in it.

I’m doing this quick summary because it’s a topic I talk to a lot of people about.  The main point to remember is that there hasn’t been the research into CBD necessary to come up with exact statements as to how much to take.  That’s because CBD was on the list of banned substances for so long that research was done very infrequently.

First, make a note of how much CBD you take.  Simple enough.

Second, give it some time.   CBD isn’t like aspirin.  It doesn’t work immediately.  I’ve had people say it took them up to 2 weeks before they felt results.

Third, adjust if you need to.  Think about the issue you are addressing with CBD.  Is it improving?  A lot?  A little?  Adjust the amount of CBD you take accordingly.

Fourth, like everything else in this world, CBD doesn’t work for everyone.  We’re all different and we all have different reactions.

Feel free to get in touch if you’d like to talk in more depth!