About Us

CBD for pain, that’s what started 7 Mountains.  15 years of making the best all-natural, gluten free products at our bakery, Moondance Heavenly Desserts, in Cincinnati, had taken a toll on us.  Running a commercial bakery is hard work, so we were happy to try CBD Oil. 

For us, the results were amazing.  It was like the clock had been turned back a decade.

Then it occurred to us that we were near one of the largest sources of CBD in the world:  the hemp farms of Kentucky.

Countless hours of research led us to realize that we could bring the passion and commitment to high quality products we have at Moondance to a new CBD venture.  And so, seven years ago 7 Mountains was born.

What we are ABOUT at 7 Mountains is actually very simple:

The highest quality CBD – It’s like everything else; there’s good and bad.  We start with pure CBD oil from organically grown hemp. 

The Best Partners – We work with leading CBD processors.  We know them well.  And they are solid, trustworthy people.

Great Products – We use all natural and organic ingredients in all our CBD products. People who are interested in natural solutions don’t want to use anything but natural ingredients.

Clean Labels – A lot of things can be hidden in a label.  How many times have you read a label and been left wondering what you just read?  Our labels are understandable.  You know how much CBD is in the product because we make that fact clear on every label.

We hope you enjoy the CBD products we make.  We use them every day ourselves and they have had a profound and positive impact on our lives.  We hope they do the same for you.

About this picture – probably not what you expected to see, but that’s us on our wedding day.  We’re real people just like you.  We started this company because CBD helped us and we hope that it helps you too.