About 7 Mountains

We’ve been making all natural products for 15 years at our bakery, Moondance.  Working in a bakery takes a toll on your body, so we were happy to try CBD Oil.  For us, the results were amazing.  It was like the clock had been turned back a decade.

It occurred to us that we were near one of the largest sources of CBD in the world:  the farms of Kentucky.

Countless hours of research led us to realize that we could bring the passion and commitment to high quality products we have at Moondance to a new CBD venture.  And so, two years ago 7 Mountains was born.

What we are ABOUT at 7 Mountains is actually very simple:

  • Great CBD Oil – We start with pure CBD oil from Kentucky hemp. We use full spectrum CBD Oil because we think it gives you the best results.  We use CO2 extracted CBD Oil because it is the cleanest and safest.  We make our products in smaller batches to ensure freshness and effectiveness.
  • Great Products – We use all natural and organic ingredients in our CBD products. People who are interested in natural solutions don’t want to use anything but natural ingredients.
  • Clear Labels – It’s an unfortunate truth that the CBD marketplace has attracted a lot of big companies and, frankly, sketchy companies, that seem to be trying to hide what’s really in their products through confusing labels. Our labels are clear, simple and honest.

We hope you enjoy the CBD products we make.  We use them every day ourselves and they have had a profound and positive impact on our lives.  We hope they do the same for you.