CBD Can be confusing

Here's Some Information We Hope Will Help

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Natural Health During a Pandemic

CBD can help with anxiety and sleeplessness; two things I know many of us are dealing with during the COVID crisis.  To easiest and most

How Much CBD Should I Take? (briefly)

I wrote about this important topic once before in more detail.  Check out that post for the extra information contained in it. I’m doing this

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CBD, Anxiety and COVID-19

These are trying times.  The COVID-19 pandemic can be frightening and overwhelming.  None of us have any experience dealing with this situation. One of the

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Hemp Seed Oil and CBD

DARK BEAUTIES     These are some CBD Oil Tinctures we made for a customer using hemp seed oil as the carrier oil. The most common

CBD Can Reduce Pharmaceutical Use

A recent survey highlighted by Forbes showed that nearly half of people who use CBD reduce the number of pharmaceuticals they use. THINK ABOUT THAT

Why CBD Works in Skin Care Products

CBD skin care products are one of the fastest growing segments of the booming CBD market.  This takes many people by surprise since we’re so

CBD Explained

Here’s a fun little video we did to explain CBD.  We still get the questions all the time….”What is CBD?”…”Where does CBD come from?”  So

It All Starts with Hemp!

It all starts with hemp.  While CBD is found in both hemp and marijuana, all of our CBD, and the overwhelming majority of the CBD

CBD and Your Skin

We all know people take CBD orally.  The most common method might be CBD drops.  They come in various concentrations and use a number of

Don’t Get Fooled Again!

Don’t get fooled by by labels. I said it before in an earlier post but after talking to several of our customers – and seeing

Athletes Benefit From CBD

If there’s a group of people who would benefit most from CBD it might be professional athletes.  And they are using CBD in large and

CBD – A Booming Market

CBD is on everyone’s mind these days.  And not surprisingly, the CBD market is booming. Years ago when gluten free food first became visible in

How You Take CBD Matters

A recent post discussed how to determine the right amount of CBD to take.  Check it out for the details but basically, the optimal amount

How Much CBD Should I Take?

The second most frequently asked question – after “what is it?” – is how much CBD should I take?  There’s no reason to explain the

CBD – A Practical Explanation

CBD A Practical Explanation “I see CBD everywhere and I’m hearing about it all the time.  But I don’t know what it is or what


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